Maestro Audio Here are a few types of repairs done at Maestro Audio:

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Repairs & Restorations
General set-ups, acoustic & electric pickup wiring, re-fretting, crowning & polishing, nut repair, Floyd Rose, broken/cracked neck repair, etc.  Authorized repair centre for all Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Jackson, Peavey, Tacoma, Charvel, Yamaha, Takamine, Schecter, Line 6 and Tanglewood guitars. 

Amplifier Repairs             
Marshall, Fender, Mesa or other tube & solid state 
Amplifier biasing, Groove Tubes, J.J. and Sovtek tube dealer, tube testing & matching available  
Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Randall, Roland, Traynor, Yamaha, DOD, Digitech, Allen&Heath, etc. authorized service center

Keyboard Repairs 
Roland, Yamaha, Kawai, & Korg authorized service centre

Speaker Reconing & Speaker Surround Repairs
Only Original Manufacturer Parts are used (OEM)
A reconed speaker has all new working parts and costs roughly half the cost of a new speaker.

Custom Electronics 
Guitar pedal mods & repair, amp mods & tweaks, etc. Digitech, DOD, etc. authorized service center.

Violin, Cello, Bass 
Repair & set-ups, bridge fitting, bow re-hairing, etc.

Custom Electronics Examples:

Modded Boss DS-1
Hot rodded pedal with 3-distortions via mini-switch

Mojo Drive
Maestro Audios own creation of a tube overdrive


Amp Distortion mods    
3 different distortions on one amp via 3-way switch

Musical Instrument Repairs:  
                                                        Guitar restorations: Fret work & custom inlays                                                             

                                                        9v cavity route & EMG 7-string pickup install

                                                        Bigsby bridge pinning: Also hollow body wiring repairs 

                                                       Headstock repairs: Also binding & soundboard crack repairs  

                                                        Violin & Cello repairs: Also bridge set-up, sound post, 
                                                                                                Bow re-hairing, pickup installation

Authorized parts dealer & service centre for the following products: