Maestro Audio Photos
Here are a few more examples of the work done at Maestro Audio....
Custom built Brazilian hardwood Cocabola Tele
Re-fret job
Restoring wiring
Pinning bridge
Finished Harmony Rocket
Speaker re-coning
Gretsch pickup swap
Modded Boss DS-1 with 3-distortion micro-switch
Maestro Audio’s Mojo Drive
Custom phantom power mic on/off switchbox
Vintage Traynor restoration
Dr. Z Carmen Ghia clone amp
Scratch build amp, guitar & pedals
B.C. Rich Mockingbird broken headstock
B.C. Rich headstock repair
Norman acoustic
Norman acoustic
Norman acoustic new fret board, truss rod & fret job
Headstock repairs
Harmony Stratatone wiring repair
Rockabilly bass bridge set-up
Violin repairs & set-ups
European Beatle Bass
Wiring corrected & EMG pickups installed
Randall amp with three distortion micro-switch mod
Randall amp
Home built tube matcher
9v battery cavity routing/ 7-string EMG install