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- Seymour Duncan Pickups -
- Genuine Fender guitar & amplifier Parts -
- Gator Cases -
- Schaller Guitar parts - Schaller guitar products
- Groove Tubes - Groove Tubes Company
- Digiflex - Instrument cables, XLR, Audio snakes - Digiflex
- Tone Pros Guitar Hardware (endorsed by many professional musicians) - Tone Pros
- DC Voltage - Phantom power for pedals - DC Voltage
- Mercury Magnetics transformers - Mercury Magnetics
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Promotional Products:
 Maestro Audio is retailing Dunlop, Dean Markley, GHS, Elixir, Martin & Savarez guitar strings. We do monthly orders but a deposit is required on the last day of the month. Minimum order of 12. Email for pricing your your favourite set.
    NP2RX-TIMBRE 15' cables, selling for only $49.50 ea
The characteristic sound of a guitar is influenced to a certain extend by the used instrument cable. Particularly the natural electrical property of guitar cables cause the characteristic cable tone. Neutrik’s new timbrePLUG provides the possibility to change the timbre of your guitar sound from neutral, clear sound to warm characteristics in 4 steps by turning a knob on the plug. A wide range of new sounds 
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Digiflex Professional Touring Series instrument cables (20’) - $22.50 ea        
Digiflex Pro Touring Series Silent cables (20’) - $34.00 ea
Digiflex Professional Touring Series microphone cable (20’) - $22.50 ea
Gator Powered Pedal Board with bag, power cable & power supply (GPT-BL-PWR) - $129.00 ea